- Jenn Johnston,
Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, Global Franchise Group

The response was phenomenal!
Scott was both entertaining and informational…
In a post conference survey, Scott received the
highest rating of the day, a 5 rating out of 5.

- Jerry Kelleher,
Senior Vice President, EDI Express

I was shocked by the amount of employees
who came up to me to thank me for hiring you.
You have undoubtedly helped EDI Express
to become a better company.

- Chrystal Montes,
Real Estate Event Manager, CBRE

I can't even begin to tell you
how much positive feedback I had
Your session was very heartfelt and
unlike any other I've attended before.

- Laurie Shaw,
Coffee Beanery

Your practical and up to date information
which obviously works in a real world application
was well received and your delivery was superb.

Elevating Performance for Leaders and Their Teams

Looking to grow your business? Improve your teamwork? Wow your customers?
Getting better at anything takes more than a strong skill set; it also requires the optimal mindset. Scott Greenberg helps leaders and their teams develop both.

It all starts with your meeting.
That’s where your people come, hungry for ideas and inspiration. They want to laugh, and they want to learn. Their time is valuable. Every moment counts. Whomever you bring to the stage, whether it’s industry experts or motivational speakers, they better be able to educate your group, and more importantly, engage them.

Scott draws on decades of experience in business and on stage to customize meaningful, entertaining presentations that will energize your meeting and transform your organization.

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The Third FactorSM for High Performance

It’s great when external circumstances are favorable. Intelligent work is also key. But there’s a third factor that’s really the common denominator among high performers – mindset —  the way we manage the thoughts and emotions that impact everything we do. This is the most distinguishing element of success. It’s what enables us to clear our heads, make better decisions and enhance our relationships. Develop this mental edge and you’ll become unstoppable.

Scott’s presentations help leaders cultivate a mindset that drives performance. Drawing upon years of experience as an award-winning entrepreneur and motivational business speaker, Scott delivers practical, entertaining programs that engage audiences and transform organizations. (Read more about his background and his programs)

Contact Scott now to learn more about how he can help energize your meeting move your group forward.

Motivational Business Speaker Scott Greenberg. Elevating Performance.  Yours.

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