Motivational Business Speaker

“We left our conference feeling energized… It has been almost a month since our off-site meeting and our group is still talking about the session”

- Tony Chimera, VP Human Resources, Axis Capital

To kick off your next meeting, event, or conference, you need more than an expert. You need a motivational business speaker who can connect with the audience, entertain them and get them excited about their work. Scott Greenberg combines first-hand business experience with almost two decades as a motivational speaker to create dynamic keynotes business leaders love. Below are example topics Scott can adapt:

The Third Factor: The Distinguishing Element of Business Success

Why is it that in the same external conditions, with similar resources, some leaders thrive while others flounder? The difference is the third factor – internal mastery — the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that influence every decision we make. Ultimately, leaders must have the mental “stuff” to be effective. As both a professional speaker and award-winning business owner, Scott Greenberg will show your group how to free their brains of mental distractions so they can increase productivity, find more meaning their work, and make deeper impact.

Survival of the Finest: Thriving During Times of Change & Adversity

The phrase “Survival of the Fittest” doesn’t refer to those who are the strongest or smartest, but to those most adaptable to change. Scott reveals in this program how adapting to change creatively and courageously leads to better operational decisions.

During this program, Business Speaker Scott Greenberg will discuss “emotional intelligence,” outlining critical survival skills that will enable business leaders to be resilient during tough times. This enjoyable, content-rich program is filled with humor, stories and strategies that will give your group the emotional boost they need to move forward.

Service 360: Rounding Up Customers Through a Culture of Service

In a competitive environment, great customer service is the most important and most controllable means to distinguish your business. Your ability to quickly connect to customers and cultivate relationships is crucial. That means creating an entire culture of service, where business leaders not only serve paying clients, but colleagues, vendors and anyone with whom they have professional contact.

In this entertaining, informative program, Business Speaker Scott Greenberg will discuss “servant leadership” and show you how to create a culture of service that benefits customers, vendors and employees alike. Scott will help your group find more meaning in their work and pride in themselves in their contributions to others. He’ll explain how to create “connection points” to make each contact a unique, pleasant experience for customers and employees.

Managing Like Michelangelo: Sculpting Employees Into Magnificent Works of Art

Sculptors don’t create their art as much as they chip away at everything that hides it. To bring out the best in your employees, franchisees and managers must free them of insecurity, self-doubt and the bad habits that inhibit their potential. In addition to his work as a longtime motivational speaker, Scott has led scores of employees and managers in his own businesses and identified the most common blocks that hold people back. He’ll show managers how to free employees of these and other self-defeating behaviors so they live and perform at their best.

Me to We: Creating a Superstar Team

With a team of superstars running their business, leaders can focus on building their business. But great teams don’t just happen. They must be carefully built and maintained. In this session, Scott Greenberg will share best practices for recruiting, training, motivating and delegating. He’ll also explore generational issues, helping you understand the mindset and needs of today’s young workforce.


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