Student Motivational Speaker

“I wanted to let you know I think you are by far the best motivational speaker I have seen in my four years at Ocean Lakes… Thank you for showing me and everyone else that we all have the power to get through life’s turbulent times.”

- Heather, Student, Ocean Lakes High School


Youth speaker Scott Greenberg presents school assemblies and conference keynotes to tens of thousands of teenagers a year. He has worked with countless student organizations and speaks at school all over North America. Known for his upbeat humor and relevant, relatable messages, Scott quickly connects with young audiences and inspires them to study, work and live at their best. Scott actually began his speaking career as a high school youth motivational speaker and still considers this group to be his specialty. Whether on campus or at a student leadership conference, Scott is a high school youth speaker you can count on to energize your group. Below are example topics Scott can adapt:

Bouncing Back: Finding Resilience When Faced With Adversity

Scott Greenberg was a New York University film student when he was diagnosed with cancer.
He spent the next year battling for his life. Inspired by his grandmother, a “Schindler’s List” holocaust survivor, he conquered the disease and went on to complete the Los Angeles Marathon. Scott will give your group tools for managing adversity. They’ll learn how to use humor and mental discipline to access their full strength and keep problems in perspective. Group members will leave with renewed optimism and excitement for their lives. Scott uses a lot of humor and storytelling in his presentations, ensuring your members will have a great time while also hearing a substantive, inspiring message.

Cut Loose Your Sandbags: How to Overcome Mental Hang-ups & Soar to Success

Like hot air balloons, all of us are engineered to soar to great heights. Unfortunately, we “sandbag” ourselves by doing things, thinking things and believing things that hold us down. We burden ourselves with insecurity, fear and negative self-talk. Rarely do we perform at our best – our true best. In this program, Scott will discuss our most common self-imposed sandbags and provide techniques for cutting them loose. He will then share nuts and bolts methods for maximizing one’s personal and professional performance, and for coaching others to do the same.

Unity, Respect & Tolerance: Breaking Barriers & Building Bridges

Intolerance goes way beyond race and skin color. It also seeps into classes, clubs and cliques. Now more than ever we need increased campus unity. If it’s true that “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” then school should be as much about friendship as it is academics. As a former program facilitator for the Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance, and as the grandson of a holocaust survivor, Scott Greenberg will remind students of the importance of mutual respect, courtesy and school unity. They’ll see how they will benefit from a little kindness, and how they may live to regret the bridges they burn. Additionally, Scott can facilitate follow-up unity activities and discussion to reinforce the program and promote communication.

Making Good Choices

We have a lot more control over our lives than we realize. For every choice, there is a reward or a consequence. This program reminds students how they will face difficult situations in their lives such a stress, broken hearts, peer pressure, etc. The choices they make in these situations will have great influence on the outcome. Through a series of stories and powerful messages, Scott will encourage your students to make the best choices possible to enhance their lives. This is a perfect presentation for events focusing on drug and alcohol prevention and Red Ribbon Week.

New Student Transition

When students start at a new school, they’re freaking out. “Will I make friends?” “Is it cool be involved? “How do I survive here?!!!” These are the questions addressed by Scott’s interactive, new student orientation programs. Matching students with trained, upper-classman mentors, Scott will facilitate a fun, spirited half-day of motivation, teambuilding and guidance to prepare new students for a great experience. After hearing an upbeat motivational presentation, students will participate in large group mixers that get them playing, talking and laughing together. Then they’ll break into small groups for teambuilding activities and advice from their pre-assigned upper-classman mentor. Students leave with enthusiasm, confidence and a great attitude about their new school.

Student Leadership Programs

With an extensive background in activities, co-active life coaching and human performance development, Scott can design a youth leadership training program for your students and give them skills they’ll use for a lifetime. As a conference director for a number of student leadership organizations, Scott is an expert at creating fun, powerful programs specifically for student leaders; He’ll bring the leadership conference to them at a fraction of the price.

Your students will participate in a number of fun workshops and activities that will strengthen their relationships, improve their communication and enhance their leadership skills. Scott will customize a program to meet the specific needs of your group. Many of Scott’s programs are based on material from his two nationally renowned leadership workbooks, Jump Start Volumes 1 & 2, and his third title, The Sandbags & The Fire: How Leaders Cut Loose Their Hang-ups and Soar to Success. (These books can be incorporated into programs at discount rates.) Whether you want a one-hour workshop or an entire weekend leadership retreat, Scott can run the whole event.

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