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“From a management standpoint, we were very impressed that Scott took the time to learn about our brands, our franchisees and us so that he can customize his presentation to our needs. Very few motivational speakers these days take that time. This extra effort showcased Scott’s dedication to providing a best in class presentation for our brands.”

~Jennifer Johnston,Chief Marketing and Operations Manager
GFG Management

Though Motivational Speaker Scott Greenberg specializes in resilience, leadership and peak performance, he will customize the title, content and length of his presentation for your particular event. Below are example topics Scott can adapt:


The Third Factor: The Distinguishing Element of Success

Why is it that in the same external conditions, with similar resources, some leaders thrive while others flounder? The difference is the third factor – internal mastery — the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that influence every decision we make. Ultimately, leaders must have the mental “stuff” to be effective. As both a professional speaker and award-winning business owner, Scott Greenberg will show your group how to free their brains of mental distractions so they can increase productivity, find more meaning their work, and make deeper impact.

Survival of the Finest: Thriving During Times of Change & Adversity

The phrase “Survival of the Fittest” doesn’t refer to those who are the strongest or smartest, but to those most adaptable to change. Scott Greenberg learned this the hard way. While a graduate film student at New York University, he was diagnosed with cancer. Inspired by his grandmother, a “Schindler’s List” holocaust survivor, he beat the disease and went on to run the Los Angeles Marathon.

In this program, Scott will outline critical survival skills that will enable your group members to thrive in any type of environment. They’ll learn ways to use internal mastery to cope with external challenges. Whether your group members are facing professional or personal challenges, this inspiring, content-rich program is filled with humor, stories and strategies that will leave them encouraged, empowered and focused on their goals.

Cut Loose Your Sandbags: How to Overcome Mental Hang-ups & Soar to Success

Like hot air balloons, all of us are engineered to soar to great heights. Unfortunately, we “sandbag” ourselves by doing things, thinking things and believing things that hold us down. We burden ourselves with insecurity, fear and negative self-talk. Rarely do we perform at our best – our true best.In this program, Scott will discuss our most common self-imposed sandbags and provide techniques for cutting them loose. He will then share nuts and bolts methods for maximizing one’s personal and professional performance, and for coaching others to do the same.

Bouncing Back: Finding Resilience When Faced With Adversity

Scott Greenberg was a New York University film student when he was diagnosed with cancer.
He spent the next year battling for his life. Inspired by his grandmother, a “Schindler’s List” holocaust survivor, he conquered the disease and went on to complete the Los Angeles Marathon. Scott will give your group tools for managing adversity. They’ll learn how to use humor and mental discipline to access their full strength and keep problems in perspective. Group members will leave with renewed optimism and excitement for their lives. Scott uses a lot of humor and storytelling in his presentations, ensuring your members will have a great time while also hearing a substantive, inspiring message.

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