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He really did his homework to understand our brand. Scott was able to connect to the franchisees at a deep level, and brought the kind of third party credibility that we needed to inspire everyone…Scott was a an absolute ‘10 out of 10’!

Kara Bowen, Community Manager, Honey Dew Donuts

Becoming an “Only One” Brand

How to Own Your Sector By Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

Lots of companies make computers and phones, but only one thrills customers with their elegant, minimalist white packaging. Plenty of places sell coffee, but only one has redefined hot beverages and cozy gathering. And while multiple companies offer amusement, there’s only one whose name alone ignites the imagination of the families that line up for its movies, rides and cruises.

You know these companies, and probably know of smaller businesses that have won faithful followings of loyal customers. What all of these top brands have in common is an understanding of what they really offer. None of them sell a mere product or service. All of them sell an experience.

To create the ultimate customer experience, it’s not enough to institute good service practices. That gets robotic. You need an operating philosophy with total buy-in from employees. You need a culture of caring. You need leadership that inspires service.

And you need to truly understand your customers.  Figure out what they really want. Then give it to them better, faster and more consistently than your competition.

This inspiring customer service program will show you how to create an experience for your customers with emotional resonance. You’ll appeal to their hearts as much as their heads. They’ll leave feeling something they want to feel again. And they’ll tell their friends.

Many businesses try to create a great customer experience, but only one does it best, every time. Become that business, and you win. Scott will show you how.

This customer service program is highly customizable. Scott will craft a program specifically designed for your group, theme and meeting.

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