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A friend of mine is an actress who recently starred in the first film she herself wrote and directed. She loved working behind the camera so much that she is now considering leaving acting to focus on filmmaking but is somewhat struggling with this decision. “I’m afraid to quit acting. I’ve wanted to be an actress since...
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Copyright 2001, All Rights Reserved. In June of 2000, I gave a presentation at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut and was asked to visit some patients, including one elderly Italian man named Joe in the hospice ward, where terminal patients go to die. After battling leukemia for years, Joe decided to live his remaining days without...
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motivation to sucess
Copyright 1999, All Rights Reserved If some can reach the moon, why can’t you? If some can reach the White House, why can’t you? If some can survive, why can’t you? If some can thrive, why can’t you? If some can change the world, why can’t you? If some can be different, why can’t you?...
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finding meaning in misery
Copyright 2001, All Rights Reserved In 1992 I had to drop out of film school to begin a battle against cancer. After the initial shock, I remember thinking that if the disease takes my life, well, that’ll suck. But if it doesn’t, this might be an incredible opportunity to gain some wisdom. I didn’t know...
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