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Networking: Help Yourself By Helping Others

The best thing you can do to make people want to help you is to help them. Find ways to assist people. Do them favors. Think about who you could introduce them to that might be of help. When you meet someone, make a note of their goals. Then keep your eyes open for opportunities for them. If you can make a difference, you won’t have to point out that they owe you one. They’ll remember. The idea isn’t to accumulate favors, but to become a kind person that is known for taking action to help people. It feels good to hook someone up.

Invariably people who assist others find other people start working for them. I have helped other speakers get work, only to have them call me a month later with an opportunity for me. Before we know it, it becomes a contest to see who can be most helpful to the other person. If you have to compete with someone, that’s the way to do it. Get in the habit of working for others and they’ll start working for you.

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