Elevating Performance for Leaders and Their Teams

Scott wraps all of his programs around the needs of your group, your meeting and your theme. All of the following programs are combinable and customizable. Whatever the topic, all of Scott’s programs are designed to energize your meeting and elevate performance

The Third FactorSM: The Mindset for High Performance Leadership

Why is it that in the same external conditions, with similar resources, some leaders thrive while others flounder? The difference is the third factor – mindset — the way we manage the thoughts and emotions that impact everything we do. This is the most distinguishing element high performance. It’s what enables us to clear our heads, make better decisions and enhance our relationships. Develop this mental edge and you’ll become unstoppable. Scott will show you how to optimize your mindset for maximum performance and lead others to do the same.

Becoming an “Only One” Brand

How to Own Your Sector By Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

Lots of companies compete for the same customers. The brands that get the most business are the ones who go beyond products and services, and instead offer customers an entire experience that appeals to both the head and heart.  It’s an encounter they’ll feel, and tell others about. Many businesses try to do this, but only one does it best. If your company delivers a meaningful experience better, faster and more consistently than anyone, you win. This program discusses how to create a customer-focused experience that will build a loyal following and elevate your business.

Employee Engagement

Creating a Thriving Workplace With Employees Who Are All In

Many employers complain that the hardest part of their job is motivating their people. “You just can’t find good help these days,” they complain. Yes you can. The trick isn’t finding good help. It’s cultivating it.

This program will explore best practices for recruiting, connecting with and inspiring employees to care. You’ll learn how to build a loyal team of employees who feel personally invested in the success of your organization. In fact, they’ll consider it their organization. Engage them at that level, and you’ll have the ultimate employee all-star team.

Survival of the Finest:

Thriving During Times of Change & Adversity

The phrase “Survival of the Fittest” doesn’t refer to those who are the strongest or smartest, but to those most adaptable to change. But instead of adapting intelligently, too many people react emotionally, leading to poor operational decisions.

During this program, Scott will outline critical survival skills that will help your group develop the resilience and flexibility to thrive. They’ll learn ways to better control their minds while coping with uncontrollable circumstances. This enjoyable, content-rich program is filled with humor, stories and strategies that will give your group the emotional boost they need to adapt, move forward and excel. 



  • Your insight personally challenged all of us to alter our perspective and way of thinking… I can’t even begin to tell you how much positive feedback I had from all our guests.

    Chrystal Montes, CBRE
    Real Estate Event Manager
  • From a management standpoint, we were very impressed that Scott took the time to learn about our brands, our franchisees and us so that he could customize his presentation to our needs. Very few motivational speakers these days take that time. This extra effort showcased Scott’s dedication to providing a best in class presentation for our brands.

    Jennifer Johnston, Global Franchise Group
    Chief Marketing and Operations Manager
  • The espirit de corps you rejuvenated has infected our company…Many of the recommendations you gave our people have already been put in place…I could go on and one about the changes in our company since your presentation.

    Jerry Kelleher, EDI Express
    Senior Vice President
  • We were highly motivated by your own story which is about facing one of the most difficult challenges, but with great courage… The feedback I got from the participants was extremely positive and the fact that the majority of the them are CEOs make is even more incredible.

    Dr. Saleh J. Malaikah, SALAMA Group
    Vice Chairman & CEO