Employee Engagement Program

Creating a Thriving Workplace With Employees Who Are All In


Employee Engagement Program 

Just because your employees are happy doesn’t mean they’re engaged. Employees feel happy when their own needs are met. Employees are who engaged feel happy when the company’s needs are met, and more importantly, the customer’s. Engaged employees feel part of something – something they really care about. That something is your business.

It all starts by cultivating a thriving workplace culture. Hiring is only the beginning. Loyalty has to be earned, and it has to be maintained. You’ve got to understand what drives your employees and appeal to their values, every day. It’s an investment of your time that will yield increased productivity and fewer headaches. Work for your employees, and they’ll work for your customers.

Scott Greenberg will show you how to identify and develop superstar employees and teams, and how to create an environment where they’ll thrive. He can also facilitate a discussion among your group members to bring out the best practices already in place.

Motivating employees doesn’t need to be difficult; it just needs to be deliberate. Scott can help you do this.

This employee engagement program is highly customizable. Scott will craft a program specifically designed for your group, theme and meeting.



  • Your insight personally challenged all of us to alter our perspective and way of thinking… I can’t even begin to tell you how much positive feedback I had from all our guests.

    Chrystal Montes, CBRE
    Real Estate Event Manager
  • From a management standpoint, we were very impressed that Scott took the time to learn about our brands, our franchisees and us so that he could customize his presentation to our needs. Very few motivational speakers these days take that time. This extra effort showcased Scott’s dedication to providing a best in class presentation for our brands.

    Jennifer Johnston, Global Franchise Group
    Chief Marketing and Operations Manager
  • The espirit de corps you rejuvenated has infected our company…Many of the recommendations you gave our people have already been put in place…I could go on and one about the changes in our company since your presentation.

    Jerry Kelleher, EDI Express
    Senior Vice President
  • We were highly motivated by your own story which is about facing one of the most difficult challenges, but with great courage… The feedback I got from the participants was extremely positive and the fact that the majority of the them are CEOs make is even more incredible.

    Dr. Saleh J. Malaikah, SALAMA Group
    Vice Chairman & CEO