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Representing EVERYone

Take action on behalf of everyone. Many people hold a position and plan activities without really considering how their efforts will make impact on those they lead. Often student leaders just do what was done last year. Doing this will ensure last year’s results. Successful companies rely on growth, not on last year’s numbers. You must strive for improvement and increased participation.

Make a list of the different groups and types of people in your school or organization. Ask yourself what you do for EACH group. Are you meeting everyone’s needs, or are you really serving a select group? When people choose not to participate, it’s less because of an attitude problem and more because of what the leaders are planning. Chances are, these students are participating in something in their lives. It may be something unhealthy, but they do pursue their interests. Your job is to find out what their interests are and plan healthy events that tap into them.

How can you find out what these students want? Ask them. Approach them directly and tell them you want to meet their needs. Come right out and ask what you could plan that will get them to participate. You’d be surprised how few leaders do this. (When was the last time a teacher, politician or any leader expressed genuine interest in what you want from them?)

Make a point to make a difference for everyone. It’ll make a great difference for you.

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